A Holistic approach to a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

How important is a healthy body mind and soul to you?

Are you struggling with a whole variety of problems, including anxiety or depression, stress or sleeplessness, or even suffering from chronic pain?

Are you ready to deepen your own Intuition but feel alone on this journey?

Many clients come to me because they’ve tried everything before – the traditional medicine, the doctors, the many medications – with no success.

Through my own personal wellness journey, and experiencing first hand a struggle with fertility, depression and anxiety, I understand the importance of healing your body, mind and soul on all levels.

Sharing my knowledge has always been a passion of mine and now I am ready to share my spiritual knowledge with you, as Mentor, Guide and Coach.


Are you ready for change?

Have you had enough of the same issues creeping up without knowing the cause of origin?

Find out more about Mentoring and Healing Programs. Allow me to assist you, as you rediscover and reconnect with yourself to clear and work through what is presented. A deep healing on soul level can take place and you will feel empowered to move forward.

In Port Denison

Are you in need of some serious time to relax? Ready for some you time?

Do you struggle with a sore back, migraines, joint problems, sleeplessness, frozen shoulders?

In my clinic rooms, I offer Bowen (Bowtech) and AromaTouch (Oil Application) Sessions. No matter which of the modalities you prefer, you will be sure to enjoy the Wellness effect on your body.

DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Essential oils play a big part in my family’s daily routine and they have certainly changed our life.

I do love Essential Oils and their use in my day to day life and the changes it has brought into my family’s life.

We reduced chemical nasties in our supplements, cleaning products and food through the amazing products DoTerra is offering.

My name is Martina and I am an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner taking a Holistic Approach to a healthy Body, Mind & Soul!

Born in Germany, I migrated to Australia in 2004 and live with my Australian hubby and our two little children in a small coastal town in Western Australia.

Since 2013 I work as an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner offering Bowen Therapy, Healing Circles, Transformational Healing and Mentor Programs and the AromaTouch Technique.

People who may be struggling with problems such as Anxiety or Depression, Stress or Sleeplessness or illnesses causing chronic Pain found relief through one or a mix of modalities I am offering. Often clients find their way to me when once they’ve tried everything else with no success.

Learn more about me here

Today with Martina I received my first medical intuitive appointment I felt safe and relaxed.

I could instantly feel a healing energy and connection. We addressed an issue that I thought went back 20 years but it was actually 39 years ago. This area already feels lighter and can’t wait to see if anything changes over the next couple of days. Martina scanned other areas that were related and gave great feedback, some tips moving forward and a body scan drawing of the appointment.

I highly recommend booking in if you want to heal areas of concern this has opened my eyes to different healing methods.

– Joanne