How to strengthen yourself from within – a simple and easy to use technique

In my years as Natural Healer and Medical Intuitive, working with many light-workers and intuitive beings, I have come across one main issue over and over again – the lack of knowing an easy way to keep your energy field clear and strong.

As we begin our Spiritual journey, we feel more, expand our inner eye and grow our Intuition. We learn about crystals, essential oils, maybe smudging, energetic white bubble wrapping ourselves, we may open up to spirits and guides. Our psychic “clair” senses grow and expand. We start taking on other peoples worries, pain and traumas.

So how do you take care of yourself?

Nobody teaches you how to strengthen your own energy field and how to maintain a natural balance and the importance of it.

Therefore, one of the first things I teach most of my clients is the importance of a strong Toroidal Field.

The Toroidal Field is your energetic connection between earth and source, keeping a natural energy flow through you.

The strengthening of your Toroidal Field is a great and easy exercise to keep your energy strong from the inside out. It also keeps your own energy field clear and balanced.

In this free video/audio I guide you through a simple exercise that you will be able to use on a daily basis as part of your spiritual practice.
You can use this as often as you like and the more you practice quicker you are going to get in running your energy field.

What are you going to get:
Easy to follow practice that allows you to
– Instantly strengthen your energy field
– Feel a sensation of inner calm
– Clear your energy field efficiently
– and therefore allow your psychic senses to come through more clearly

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