Here we are on Day #30 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

When I first signed up, I signed up without a second thought. Only a couple of hours and an e-mail from Bradley later I thought: “What have I signed up for? Have I lost my marbles?”

Writing for me in English was a huge challenge. Writing every day for 30 days an even bigger one! But I do love a challenge and I have to say I really loved this one.

Thank you Bradley for setting this challenge. Without this challenge I would have never rediscovered my love for writing. I would have never gone through my old diaries to re-discover the person I used to be and realised of how far I have come. I also would have never pushed myself to the limit to write every day something in this blog that I had only, shortly before the challenge started, set up.

I really enjoyed writing daily and I hope I will continue to write at least regularly. Thank you for this great opportunity.

Hope to see you all back again! Xxx