Welcome to Violet Flames Wellness

I, Martina Manners, am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner combining my knowledge and intuition into a Holistic approach, supporting and treating you according to your needs.

Born in Germany in 1977 and following a very typical office career, I decided in 2003 it’s time to leave the security and comfort of that life behind and started planning a new life.

On March 3rd 2004 I stepped out of the aeroplane in Sydney, took one deep breath as I was walking down the stairs and felt instantly at home. From that moment life took on its own initiative and everything changed.”

At Violet Flame Wellness, I offer a wide range of modalities to offer a Holistic Health approach. I believe that you have to heal Body, Mind & Soul to fully heal the physical body and to maintain that level of health.

Combining Bowtech – The Original Bowen Technique, Essential Oils and Healings provides me with the tools to provide support on many levels and to step up the Holistic Health approach.

My spiritual journey began in 2013 and since I participated in an Ascension program my abilities have emerged very rapidly. Every session is different and considers the client needs.

My passion is to empower and to offer assistance in spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. Delivering services through online platforms has made this possible and affordable for many.

Seeing the changes that take place through regular Healing and/or Bowen sessions makes my heart overflow with Love and Gratitude.