How is easy is it to get lost in the wants rather than the needs?

When I was young there were a few things I always wanted to have. I wanted to have a life away from Germany. I wanted to be an Educator, have a loving and supportive husband and children. I have all I ever wanted and dreamed off and much more than that. Nevertheless I got lost in all the things I still want…..being debt free, renovating the house, supporting my parents financially, securing our finances for retirement and so the list goes on and on and on. And so I am sure some would say that’s all reasonable wants, they are still only wants. I do not need any of that to be happy, to have a fulfilled live, to serve humanity in the best way I can and to be the best mum possible.

When is enough, enough? And when do we lose ourselves in our wants rather than the needs? How can we be grateful, deeply honestly grateful, if we only focus on what we still want to have? When can we step away from material abundance and focus on all the abundance surrounding us? Abundance of health? Abundance of food? Abundance of love? Abundance of friends? Abundance of family? Even simple things like abundance of fresh air? Abundance of beautiful stunning beaches? Abundance of clean water? Abundance of grass and trees and nature in general? Abundance exists in so many ways. It is hard not to realise how awesome most of us have it. Is this all ego or simply being human? Can we ever step away from our wants? Do we ever need to step away from our wants?

Life can be so beautiful if we could just focus on all the little things of life that makes this universe amazing. Sure money makes life easier people say and I am sure they are right. But does it make you happy? Does it buy you friends and health? Can it replace a relaxing walk on the beach or great nights spend at a camp fire with friends or family? I do not think so.

Does it really matter if we live in a 4×2 or 3×1 or does it simply matter that we are feeling at home no matter where we are?

Some of the purest people according to Western standards seem to be the happiest. Why is this? Maybe, because they appreciate the smallest of things in life? Maybe because they do not have the pressure that Western Civilisation brings? What they all seem to have is family and a sense of community and belonging. Is this what really matters?

I do not have all the answers but what I do know is that I have almost lost myself and my gifts in the world of wants. I am very fortunate in many ways and a flow of abundance is all around me. Maybe not in the sense of finances but certainly in many other aspects of life. It is time for me to return to basics and to appreciate what I already have. To offer my gifts in the service it was meant to be. To accept and see the flow of abundance in every step I take and stop to pressure myself. Life is full of surprises and who knows what will be next.

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