Well that was a very interesting day yesterday….

I was supposed to check in at 12.30pm for a minor day surgery at the hospital. I was there on time and got told pretty much straight away they are already running behind. I was expecting that anyway so wasn’t surprised by that at all.

Settled into my room and trying to relax as I started to have a horrible headache from dehydration. All of a sudden they got me 2 hrs earlier than planned to get me into surgery. Off we go….

As I was preparing myself to go into surgery the doctors and nurses looked at my paperwork and decided that a stuff up has happened and I am not actually ready to go into surgery just yet. So back in the room we go…..

About half an hour later the nurse came to do what she needed to do and ready I was…….. Drifting in and out of sleep for the next 3 hours as my headache got increasingly worse waiting for surgery…….

At last it was my turn. By then it was 5pm. I think I was back in the room by 6pm…gotten told that nothing could be done as it was a too complex procedure and that I will have to see another specialist for it.

Absolutely not what I expected. But what surprised me most was myself. Throughout the whole day, the hectic, the stuff ups, the rush and the wait I stayed calm. Nothing seemed to face me. It didn’t upset me, it didn’t frustrate me and I certainly didn’t got restless. Now we are talking here about somebody that can have a really bad temper and can go from 0 to 180 within seconds. Not today. Archangel Raphael was with me all day and a few other popped by, who I don’t know or remember. But I do remember Archangel Gabriel. I asked her what she is doing here and she replied she is just checking up on me making sure I am ok. What a nice surprise visit.

Was it the presence of the angels that kept me calm? Or do I have changed so much through the Ascension process? I suppose only time will tell. But I certainly enjoyed the calm me buch better than the stressed out, upset and frustrated me. I do hope it is a change within me that will stay! (I bet hubby does too!)

Take care and have a lovely day!