I figured it’s time to go back to writing. I know I took my time…..

After watching a free video that was posted on Facebook by Doreen Virtue I realised that it is time to invest more time in getting out there what I am doing.
I am a channel to bring you healing, balance and messages (where applicable). Being a LUXOR Light Practitioner allows me to help you through remote and/or hands on healings. I love this work and I love being part of your journey.
Helping to get rid of negative energy or to understand connection issues with your inner child, bringing your chakras and assemblage point back into balance and make you shine once more. LUXOR Light accelerates the Ascension Process, it helps you to open up to your life path and your life purpose. It is such a strong and happy energy, I just love working with it. All of us that are trained LUXOR Light Practitioners work in different ways, as we all have different strengths and areas that we are supposed to help you with. Some of us getting lots of messages, some of us none. Sometimes it varies from healing to healing. Sometimes I have to tone down the power of the energy to suit the client needs and energy levels.
Since working regularly with the energy, things have changed. Messages that need to be received becoming clearer. I am more aware of what is happening during the healing itself – which guides and angels step in to help. Sometimes ancestors and/or spirits from loved ones are stepping in.
My connections to angels and my guardian angel has become much stronger too. I can sense them around more often and ask for help more easily. I can have conversations with them without thinking I have gone all loopey!
Talking to other people about it, is on the other hand, a complete different story. I was never one to hold back on my opinion or sharing what is going on in my life. Sharing what is happening energy wise with others has been a challenge but still not too hard to get through. Talking openly about receiving messages and seeing spirits and angels is a challenge much harder to conquer for myself. How do you feel about this? Is it easy for you to talk about your special gifts?
Love and blessings,