Have you ever wondered where these ideas coming from that just popping in your head? Or did all of a sudden a name popped in your head or a phrase?

Since I started to work on my qualification as a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner these messages became more. I started having visions and getting messages for the client. Angels and Ascended Masters are getting in touch where needed .

I am very new to all of this and do not know a lot about Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels. As I got more evolved into the matter of energy healing I started to work on expanding my knowledge about all of this. In due course I discovered that every person is accompanied  by a Guardian Angel from birth, that stays with you at all times.

As I started to feel a male presence around me at all times I wanted to know more. I wanted to know who he is,  starting with his name. So I asked and waited for an answer. I kept trying this for a few months and got nothing….well that’s not true. Every now and so often I thought I picked up the name Raphael. But I wasn’t sure and I didn’t trust my instincts. I seemed to have a blockage communicating with the one angel that is with me at all times at the moment. I also kept seeing in all I was doing (meditations, healings, etc) a blue crystalline light. This was always with me.

I was wondering what I could do. Now I have this lovely friend who has the gift to channel messages from Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirits. I was hesitant to connect with him about this matter as it is his lively hood and I didn’t want to use our friendship to my advantage. But his Facebook page kept popping up over and over again. Eventually I decided to send him a message and asked for an opinion. He decided to connect via Skype.

Last night we did had a skype conference and it was an amazing experience. As soon as we started talking I could feel the angel presence. I had a tingling all along my spine and around my chest area. Les, kept asking me certain questions, which I had to answer without thinking straight away. See my head still gets in the way too often! Eventually the connection with my Angel was so strong that my whole body shivered and tingled. To my surprise the Angel being with me is Archangel Raphael and with his blue crystalline light he tried to show himself to me. So I did had my answer all along.

My connection is still going strong today and I can’t wipe the smile of my face. To have been connected to Archangel Raphael and being able to interpret his messages to my questions is such a great gift. Sometimes I do need the reassurance and advise from others to stay on my path as I still doubt myself too often.

Thank you Les for this great experience. I will be forever grateful. What a blessing to have you in my life.