Last weekend it was time for me to re-connect to nature, myself and my inner voice. We packed up the family and travelled just a few km’s to a beautiful little camping spot, ideal to unwind and relax.

Turning off all mobile devices for 2 days, getting off social network and committing myself to family time I also made the pact to deeply re-connect with myself. I just let my thoughts drift and didn’t focus on anything in particular. I took a journal along and whenever I got the chance I wrote down what went through my mind….I do think I covered a lot of ground…..I am a fire element so I spent a lot of time around the camp fire just enjoying to be there, to be with my family and to have the abundance in my life to do all of this.

Once the kids were in bed, my husband and I sat around the fire enjoying a drink and just reflecting on the day. Eventually we just enjoyed the tranquillity and peacefulness of the moment and this is when one of my spirit guides deeply re-connected with me. Whenever I am in tune and aligned within myself I can hear him playing his Native American flute, sometimes I can smell his smudge stick. At that moment he played his flute for me and it was magical. I felt good. I felt relaxed and I knew we made the right decision to take some time out. An ongoing exhaustion I had felt for weeks fell off me and so I was still deeply tired, I now no longer feel exhausted. I knew then that all will be as it is supposed to be and life is good.

Why am I telling you all of this? I believe it is very easy to forget that we have to be connected within ourselves to be aligned on our path. Often a busy life style gets in the way and especially we women are always putting everybody else first. We carry so much of the family’s burden as we like to see everybody happy. So we are giving ourselves fully and forgetting ourselves along the way. Longer we are forgetting ourselves, harder it is to remember that we need to find a way back. Sometimes this can be a rocky road as we have waited much too long but only if we get there, if we are reconnecting with who we truly are and with our deepest desires, can we continue to serve fully with a heart full of love.

Blessings to you all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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