So I have only just got back from 3 days training with Tina Zion. The course was called “Become a Medical Intuitive” and I do have to say, this 3 days have been nothing but amazing!

Hearing somebody else describe Beings that I have seen in my healings and explain about the healings to take place if you ask for the most divine Beings, Masters in their Field to assist was incredible. Understanding how to look inside and deeper than just the negative energy surrounding an effected area has been nothing but wondrous. And then going further and finding the cause of the origin of the condition has been a very eye opening experience.

Healings from now on will empower and engage the client, the healing will be understood and so will be the cause of the issue. I am so very excited to have experienced what else is possible and to bring it to the world.

I learned about the Toroidal Field and this was a new term for me. By learning the power of the Toroidal energy and the Universe, we can achieve stress relief, mental clarity and deeper connections with others. We can use this intuitive connection to understand our soul’s wisdom as well as guiding us to who we truly are. Such an important lesson and in weeks to come I hope to create kids workshops and a video for purchase to teach you all the power of using the Toroidal Field.

I made new friends and connections and have healed a small part of myself. I have taken the path to a journey deeper into Healing than I ever imagined possible. Life has once again opened doors in amazing ways and I cannot wait to see what else is to come.

Blessings to you!