After working for many years as Intuitive Healer and then having had the luck to come across Tina Zion and even luckier having been able to attend one of her trainings it was an easy step to work as Medical Intuitive.
Before hearing of Tina I have never heard the term Medical Intuitive before and after the training I simply assumed that all Medical Intuitive’s are working in the same way just putting there own thumb on it as such.
Over the last few weeks I have discovered how wrong I was with that assumption and that the way I am working thanks to Tina’s training is quiet different to many other Medical Intuitives. For me the training was the recognition what I am doing right and how to adjust it to involve the client and heal on a very deep Soul Level. The Healing Part was a major key part for me and one I could not do without. I took to Tina’s work like a Duck to Water and felt instantly home. Healing in a very Shamanic manner I suppose combined with the skill to look within and involve the client is a very powerful combination.

How does the Universe work? I had never heard of Medical Intuition but coming across an American lady doing a workshop on the other side of Australia and being able to make it happen to find everything falling into place? There was obviously nobody else who could have taught me to improve the way I support people in their healing they way Tina did. I am just amazed how this has all worked out. I could have heard from many others that are teaching Medical Intuition and could have gone to their workshops just to find out that its nothing like what I want/need/have to do!

So what makes my work so different from many others? I do start all my sessions with an energy scan just to get a feel for the client but rarely do I work from there only. I then move on inwards and are presented with issues connected to different parts of the body. For example I could be shown a collar bone only to discover from there a chain attached to the client that has been placed there by somebody in a past life and that chain holds this person still back. Or we may find Energetic holes in the scalp only to discover that the client actually only just bumped the head and it has not healed yet. Or there may be pain in the legs and we discover attachments that interfere with the client’s energy field. I could list many more examples and the list is limitless so are the solutions to the issue. But whatever does come up during the session, we are dealing with it in cooperation with guides, specialists, Angels. This brings forth such a deep permanently healing on Soul Level that astonishes me over and over again.
Thank you Universe! I do not nearly understand your Magic but I do understand that you are looking after me! I can let go of outcomes and trust that the Divine Plane is having my best interest at heart at all time!