I wished everybody knew my 3 year young daughter. She is the perfect example how life could be lived. Everything is fun. She never lingers long on disappointment. Doesn’t worry about what’s to come or what has been. Every second she is in the now. She throws a tantrum when things don’t go her way. Once she accepts the no she moves on and focus’s on something new. I love watching her and every time I get stuck in trying to control the outcome of something in the future, I watch her for a while, take a deep breath and let it go.

Once a long time ago I would have thought this behaviour is the case for all children but having worked as an educator as well as a mum of 2 I know this is certainly not the case. My son, who is almost 6, is a thinker and he lingers a long time on everything that happens, anything he sees and hears.

Two very different children, which have a very different approach on life. Which approach will be easier as they progress in life?

My work teaches me to stay in the now, this is where miracles happen. We learn from our past but can only move on if we do not linger with it. Life is supposed to be fun. As long as we have fun we can love. If we can laugh and love we are raising our frequencies. If we raise our frequencies we allow life to flow naturally. If life flows naturally, the universe can provide as we stopped to control the outcome. We allow magic into our life. To make choices is still part of the progress as change won’t be happen if you do not change things. Choices can be made, every second, every minute, every hour…  The Universe needs time to provide. Nothing can happen within seconds. If we make our choice and work towards the goal but step back from the control part of how to get there, we will grow.

Life is magic and the universe does provide in magical ways. My children both teach me so much every day and slowly I am getting better in letting go. Slowly I understand how to be conscious of everything I am doing, being mindful and clear of my choices. Bit by bit I am learning how to stay in the now in the day to day life. During healings this is exactly what happens. Time doesn’t matter…I am in the now….I channel now what is needed….I see now what is needed…..some healings take 20 minutes others 60 min or longer….it always feels as if only 15 minutes pass. I completely lose track of time…I lose myself as I surrender to what is needed to provide the best possible service. During healings being in the now and just in the now is an easy task; in day to day situations this is quite different. Meditations give me the same sense of loss of time but here I still try to control what’s going on at times.

Sometimes I wished I had my daughter’s ability to be so very present at all times, but I suppose than life wouldn’t be a challenge.

How about you? Are you present? Are you conscious of things you do or do you run often on auto pilot? Just some food for thought….

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