This week has brought big surprises for me emotionally and you may have seen the video I posted about my past.

I have to start at the past. As a Teenager and later on I was always known as a girl that always had a boyfriend and it was true. I rarely didn’t had a boyfriend. But and I knew that for a long time wasn’t because I was always in love with them but simply because I needed male attention. I never understood where this comes from.

I thought that was just part of my personality. Only this week I realised what was going on. That I didn’t do that because I just liked to have boyfriends or be surrounded by male figures. I needed to do this as they made me feel special; they boosted my self-esteem and self-confidence.

I did not realise until this week that I had such a low self-esteem caused by one tiny incident, that my behaviour in regards to male attention was a way to plaster it up. It never worked. I never healed this moment until now.

The realisation that one incident grumbled all my confidence, all my self-worth and all my self-esteem in a split second helped me to understand myself better. It brought clarity to a lot of actions I am still blaming myself for.

Funny enough I had booked a Mentor Session with my teacher for Medical Intuition and as it happened we had to move the appointment to a day after. If we would have had the session as planned I may never healed from this.

As it happened the entire realisation came through over the 3 days before my Mentoring Session, so once set up with Tina Zion, she initiated a Soul Retrieval to fully, completely and permanently heal this issue. As I was blinded to this awareness for such a long time I could not go on this journey alone even so I know the procedure by heart. I needed a mentor to guide me along and finish the healing process on all levels.

Why do I tell you this?

I want to show you that no matter where along the path we are, there are always issues that will need healing.

There will also be always people that come exactly with the right experience to help you along.

This does not make you less worth or the other one more superior. It makes you who you truly are! And it places you at the right time, at the right place!
Blessings to you.