How does it feel for you at the moment? Are you grounded? Does everything seem to take off on its own accord?

I don’t know about you but in my world everything seems to turn into chaos around me. Objects breaking, people arguing, finances getting tight…..all the sort of things you really don’t need before Christmas.

Oddly enough I do feel really calm even so some chaos affects me personally. Nevertheless I do not seem to be emotionally involved. All seems to be going past like in a movie and I can stay focused and objective. Every now and then I am getting swayed away with the energies around and I could just leave all behind. In these times I come back to my meditative grounding exercises and essential oils. Within a few minutes I am back to normal. There seems to be a lot of energetic changes happening right now and for some this feels like being caught in a storm. For others it is just absolutely confusing and nothing makes sense. And of course there are also people that do not seem to be affected by it at all, at least they do not think so or do not want anybody else to know that something is up.

Wherever you are at the moment at this point of time, trust that if you are surrendering and hand over your deepest sorrow to the higher force, things will turn around. The best possible outcome will present itself and all will make sense at some point in time. Focus on the good and show gratitude for all you have.

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