Do you think colours are having an important part of your life? I used to think it hasn’t in mine. But lately I realised that I am not happy with the dark colours that fill my wardrobe, mostly black. I would love to wear orange, green and yellow.

Bright colours in nature always grab my attention. So why do I have only dark, murky colours in my wardrobe? Even in the house it’s all the fashion colours rather than bright colours.

I really started to notice the effects of colours in my house. It doesn’t seem to effect me negatively but I certainly would prefer more colour around. So I started to make some small changes. I bought some bright green pillows to lighten up the black couch. I try to add some splashes of colour here and there and I love it. It looks so much nicer and somewhat warmer.

I think I can change little bits in the house much faster than my wardrobe but I will have a try to stick to more adventurous colours when I’ll go buy something new. I wouldn’t dress my kids in black, grey and dark brown so why should I walk around in dull boring colours.

Honestly I have no idea how I came to that subject but anyway….now it’s out…. Have a great colourful day!