Last term of school I had my daughter enrolled in swim lessons. The next pool that offers swim lessons is 65km away. I’ve been doing swim lessons with the kids regularly since John, my oldest, has been 6 month old. Generally, even with the consideration of the drive, we always made swim lessons fun and enjoyable. This passed term I only took my daughter during the week, as my son was supposed to have swim lessons at school. Therefore we changed from weekend swim days to during the week.
First week I was really looking forward to getting to know a new group of parents and let my daughter make new friends. I walked up to the group and was my usual smiley self, saying good morning and almost tripped over when I was basically fully ignored. I obviously joined a group of parents that knew each other from either previous swim lessons or privately as they were happy and chatty with each other. There were only 3 other parents and I am used from previous sessions that everybody communicates and is open and friendly to each other. One particular parent of this group of three made sure I felt the outsider for the whole term. She ignored me, turned her back to me, put her bags on the chair next to her to stop me from sitting with the group of parents and the list goes on and on. The first couple of times I was too surprised to respond, than I got really angry and felt quite upset. Especially as they also disregarded any attempts my 3 year old made to communicate with them. As I started to take this negative emotion home with me I had a good look at the situation and decided that I won’t let this situation get the better of me. Next swim lesson I walked up and said a big nice hello again and just started to chat away. As “Miss Rudeness” joined I was already happily chatting with the other 2 that seemed very surprised by the fact that I can actually talk. Anyway, Miss Rudeness made sure she put herself in between me and the other two once she arrived, so that once again I was being pushed aside. That’s when I decided that this group of people is not even worthwhile my attention and that I feel rather sorry for them. I decided that Miss Rudeness is obviously very insecure and deserves a lot of love send her way. And that’s what I have done for the last few swim sessions. I smiled and said hello, and send them all lots of love. More they ignored me, more love I have sent them. Why? I stopped me from getting upset and angry. It stopped me from searching for reasons. And it stopped me having a crabby rest day. Instead I felt as I have changed someone’s day even they weren’t aware of it. And of course I was filled with love myself as you can only send love from your heart to theirs. I hope that in time these ladies will understand what they have done and will hopefully never experience the same. But as the saying goes: “What goes around, comes around.”
So if you ever experience people/situations like that, just feel the compassion within you for other beings. Stay away from judgment and stay true to yourself.
Blessings to you and thank you for reading all the way!

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