I have had the craziest of weeks on my inner journey for a long time. I thought last weekend that I had gone through the worst and how wrong was I? My frequencies were all over the place. I doubted myself, my path and my inner knowing. I got angry and even more confused. Oh was I a nasty mess. I needed my own space and had no time for it throughout the day. Eventually I got to the point that I put my foot done….enough was enough. Things had to change!

So I sat down and started asking myself all the questions I would ask my clients. I dug deep and went within. I took a good look at myself and why these feelings coming up, what has made me to respond in this way and how I can resolve the issues. I decided to go back to what I do and know best: being myself!

I took daily time out to go within and went back to my healthy daily meditation practise. I took power back and focused on what I want, what I have to offer and where I would see myself in years to come. Daily, bit by bit I found back to myself. Slowly the inner turmoil subsided and I could focus once again on my purpose, on the reason I am here on this beautiful planet earth! A few nudges from my friends into the right direction helped along the way and to really step out of all, away and find solitude, even if it was just for a short time.

Now a few days after, I can just shake the head about my own journey and laugh about myself. I got so wind up for nothing. If I would have just accepted the feelings that came up in the first place, acknowledged them and dealt with them right then….I would have saved myself a stormy week within. But as everybody seems to say, challenges make us grow and help us along the path. I suppose at least now I see clearly and feel light and joyful. So what else is there to say? Just enjoy the moment, no matter what it is you are doing right now. Because really all that matters is the love and joy you feel with every breath you take, every moment you experience and every step you take.

Blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it. New likes on either business page Martina Manners and Violet Flame Wellness are always welcome and of course I would love to have you on board in the Healing Group for April 2018.