When new things cross your life and you are forced to make decisions, do you decide instinctively? Do you follow your heart or do you follow your head? Does it feel scary if you follow your heart because you know this is where you meant to be going?
Today I had one of these moments. It wasn’t a major decision to be made but one I can feel will impact my life. And one that had to be thought through to finances. I have been offered to participate at a 6 week Masterclass for Mindset and Business Strategy’s. As part of a special group I was offered a spot at the Masterclass for 80% discount which made it fairly affordable. At the same time I have to payments that need to be made on the next 4 weeks and the money for this I had put aside. I kept looking at the masterclass and thought that would be amazing. My head said, do not do it you need the money you have for the open invoices. My heart kept telling me, Go for it, this comes exactly at the right time. I fought internally most of the day and then I just decided to go for it and quickly enrolled and paid. The moment the payment went through my heart started racing and I was thinking “What have I done?” Of course being me I analysed my thoughts and realised that I am scared. Scared for this to work. Once again scared of actually being successful. Scared of having to show who I truly am and be accountable in my business. This has been going on for weeks now and I have been really great in sabotaging myself. I have a few weeks to prepare myself for this Masterclass and then to fully surrender and work through whatever will come up. I am excited, anxious and horrified at the same time. This decision has been made by my heart and only time will tell where it will lead me! Be brave, be you and listen to your heart!
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