In my daily work I come across a lot of people that cannot grasp what I am doing. Healings are such a foreign subject at best of times but then trying to explain that I do my work mostly via distant is like: “Yeah, right” followed by eye rolling and this look that says it all.

These days I only laugh about such a response as I understand that the individual is just not ready yet. Not ready to move forward spiritually or simply not ready for what I have to offer.

So really what is happening during Healings and what is the difference between hands on and distant sessions?!

Basically I enter the energy field of my client. I can go along the chakras and the etheric field and re-align and balance where necessary. I go through your self- love chakras and top them all up. Your feeder chakras are next. I open and balance all of them from toe to head to allow a full natural flow once again. I can adjust your energy centre if it has moved around your physical body. I then can open your alpha and omega chakra, if you decide you want a change in your connection to your spirituality and your life path! Afterwards I move through your various bodies starting with the emotional body, lower and higher mental body and the spiritual body. I clear and cleanse what does not serve you any longer. I also connect you back to source or strengthen your connection.This is basically the same for all healings I am doing.

From here on every healing is different. As I am connected to my Spiritual Guides they show me what sort of work needs to be done from Inner Child work to Kundalini check and then of course the more heavy stuff. Any entities that are trapped within your body’s and energy field will be removed. Energy blocks with your field are being cleared so is any negative energy. This is where clients with depression and Anxiety and other mental illnesses feel the biggest release, as they feel this negativity brought on by their illness in a heavy way. Releasing all of this brings a huge shift within the energy field and the physical body has an opportunity to heal.

During my healings I move through time and space, realities and dimensions. Sometimes past life issues need clearing. Sometimes I receive a vision from a past event that the client is ready to clear now but needs to be brought back into consciousness. Sometimes all the client needs is a lot of channeled energy therefore I provide the safe space and the channel to make this happen.

The Violet Flame clearing and green flame clearing is often being used to ensure all that does not serve you any longer can be released.

Now so what is the difference for you?

If you come into my healing room to receive your healing you also receive the touch. Energy can be felt stringer on your side and often activations within your own body are being felt. You are being part of the experience and hear and see language and sound healing, as well as all my crazy body movements. This is great if you can fully surrender and let go.

Energy works like a phone, distance doesn’t matter. Once I am connecting to your energy field it is for me as if I am standing right next to you. From my side there is no difference what whoever. For you on the other side it can be experienced on a different level. During a distant healing some individuals can still sense me and feel a tingle during the healing. Very sensitive individuals experience activations. You do not get the touch at the same time. Your ego won’t stop you surrendering through the process of language and sound coming through. Clients can let go and feel safe in their own space. You take responsibility in preparation of the healing and creating your own healing space.

So which is more suitable for you? Only you can make the decision! Whichever you choose you do have to feel comfortable with the Healing Practitioner. You need to trust!

Blessings and I do hope this blog post helps to clarify the difference between my Distant and Hands on Healings.

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