Yesterday I was worried I wouldn’t know what to write about. But then I had a chat to a friend and we discussed future business plans and if we see an issue with too many of us doing the same thing in a small country town.

As we were talking I realised it will never be an issue.  Although we are starting off with the same training we all will be going different directions in the way we are working.

I also had a very visual picture of a dream that I had put aside for some time now.

During my times of study as a Bowen Therapist I had to write an assessment about Business Management. You have to set up a business plan and write a 5 and 10 year plan. As I worked on that assessment I knew exactly where I would like to be in 10 years time.

So now it comes…the big dream put aside for far too long!

I would love to manage an alternative health centre, right here, in small little Port Denison. A place where people can experience all sorts of modalities from Bowen, to Reikki, to LUXOR Light Healings, Aromatherapy, Crystal Modalities, Chiro, Physio and so much more. Wouldn’t it be great to have a centre set up and you find everything at one spot, everything you need for your perfect well being and to rejuvenate?

There are so many talented people in this town and I hope to bring them all together to give people in need the most benefit.

Now this is a big dream and it will be a long path to get there. No doubt plans will change and be modified, but hey….what happens if you don’t start dreaming big? Will you have ever a goal to work towards?

Dreams are there to get motivated, to have a starting point. Dream big and develop your goals from your dreams! Don’t let anybody tell you, your dreams are a waste of time. We all have to start somehwere!