Every morning when I get up I have this most beautiful view from our windows over the ocean and beach.

Every morning I feel blesses to be living in such a beautiful place, in such a beautiful house with such a beautiful family.

We are all healthy. We have a roof over our heads. We have food on the table and best of all, we have each other.

I am lucky enough to have a big house that fits my treatment room in it and have it separate from the rest of the house.

The house always had  a great feeling to it, and as soon Peter and I stepped into it we knew we had to make it ours. We couldn’t have found a more suitable place for our kids to grow up.

Our son knows that it is special. Sometimes he says to me: “Mami (=Mummy), we are so lucky. We have a beautiful house and it is so big”. I have to smile at this and it always makes me appreciate what we have.

What about you? Can you say you are at home and you appreciate what you have and where you are? Is your heart where your home is or is your home wherever your heart is? Or maybe you are lucky enough like me that it is the same?

Have a great day Xxx