Two weeks ago I have started a workshop on Mindset and Business Strategy. Why you may wonder if I can perform all the healings on my own and reach new conscious levels and dimensions through my work. This is true but I am not a business strategist and until recently I certainly haven’t had the mindset of a multimillionaire.
One thing has already changed thanks to wealth Expansion and Business Mindset Training, I started to think big. I have no problem to visualise my bank account with a $ figure. I deserve this, I am worth it and my service is certainly worth this financial abundance. Don’t get me wrong I know this is all just material and until recently money didn’t bother me. What bothered me is to have to turn every cent around 10 times before spending it, seeing hubby struggle with financial pressure and always running around in circles to make mortgage repayments. I deserve to live in full financial freedom, getting paid the value of my services. And there will be critics saying “but your gift is given to help, you should do it for free” and so on. Yes my gift has been given me to help and I want to serve as many as possible but I am also investing a lot of time and energy in keeping myself clear and open as a channel from the highest good. Don’t you think this deserves some sort of energy exchange? Sometimes this energy exchange is money as this is the world we are living in. Everything cost money even death! So going on this challenge to learn how to create a business with my gift aligning my mindset, business skills and gifts to serve in the best possible way I can is the purpose behind more training.
I love my life and my life is full of abundance in so many ways. I have a beautiful and more importantly healthy family. We have time to spend with our children and can give them so many opportunities! Our house is amazing and at an awesome location and slowly we taking one step at a time with the renovations! I have really nothing to complain about and I am eternally grateful.
So am I greedy because I also want the money to support my family? Am I focused on the material world? Do I forget who I am? I do not think so at all. I do believe I deserve abundance in all areas of life just as everybody else. I do trust and have faith that GOD, the Universe (whatever you want to call it) always provides. And I truly believe that more we give more we receive and can then do so even easier! Win –win for all!
Love and blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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