Have you ever lost yourself in someone’s eyes? This happens to me every time I look at my kids and actually do look them in the eyes. If I try to tell them off and we are face to face I loose all anger and frustration. All I feel is love. I still tell them if they have done the wrong thing and what the right thing would have been, but now it is without any other emotions but love. Makes life much easier in some ways as it takes a lot of nasty emotions out of arguments with your kids.

Have you ever noticed that real emotions always start in the eyes? If somebody genuinely smiles, it always includes the eyes. Eyes sparkle with excitement and true happiness.

If somebody feels horrified, it always reflects in the eyes. If people say it’s all ok, but it isn’t you will be able to pick it up from their eyes. Sadness reflects in the eyes.

Expressions of the eyes are truly powerful and if somebody pretends an emotion that is not real, you can always pick it up in the eyes. I think everybody is aware of this fact even if it is unconsciously. Or why else would people avoid your eyes? Often they will hide something and look everywhere else but in your eyes.

Remember how powerful the first real eye contact is between you and your love? A look can say more than 1000 words. If people would always look into each others eyes again when they are talking to each other, they could learn so much from each other.

Eyes can tell so much and hide so less. Eyes are¬†natural story tellers. If we all would just listen….