Do you know the feeling of nothing moving? Nothing seems to move forward. Positive part is nothing is moving backwards either. Everything seems to have come to a standstill.

I am at this point at the moment. Lots of things happening around me but with me personally I feel everything has just somewhat stopped? Do I take the time to listen? I think so. Am I truly? Do I allow the natural flow of the Divine? Or do I try to control all outcomes and be in my own way?

Life is so busy at the moment. A lame excuse? Maybe. Do I try to control the uncontrollable? Maybe. So where do I need to go? What do I need to do to get out of this feeling of being stuck?

I need to be myself again. I need to make priorities and focus on the important things of life and where I need to go.

Is it Anxiety or Depression holding me back? Is it the feeling of lack of support that is holding me back?

No, I have control over my feelings and my perspective. I am the one holding myself back. I do not allow the natural flow but hold on tight to control. I can control my actions and reactions. I can control my responses and I can plan my day. I need to re-organize my daily schedule to be once again on top of things that I can control and let Divinity do the rest. Trust in the universe and everything will flow as it’s supposed to be. Open your heart and step away from your mind.

I love to give and support, I love to teach and empower. To be able to do what I am come here to do on this planet earth I also need to look after myself. My body, my mind & my soul. Today I took the first step of gaining control. I started a 45 min walk first thing this morning to lose weight and to regain a healthy fitness level. Only if the body is healthy, the mind and soul can focus on your task ahead. In sharing this I am holding myself accountable.

The next step is to reschedule my day to day activities. I want my business to bloom. If my business is successful I am helping so many beautiful souls to take control of their lives – be it through healings or essential oils.

There is a long path ahead of me but for now I allow the divine guidance to control the end result. I allow the flow of life to step in and take me to a new chapter.

Breath and love!

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