Do you ever wonder what a fish thinks about being a fish? I wonder if a fish knows that he’s/she’s trapped in an aquarium, that his/her whole life is controlled by another being. If the being is caring, is it a happy fish or still unhappily trapped? Does an aquarium fish know that there is more out there?

Sometimes I feel as if my life is just one giant show. A life controlled by so many outer factors, that sometimes it feels like I have no say. Watched by so many that think they know what is going on and have the right to judge. Life is just one big game. The winner is who can enjoy the ride the most, appreciates what’s been given and goes with the flow. Just like a fish in a glass bowl!

Are these thoughts coming from fatigue, anxiety or is it just that time of the month? New moon has just gone past and this is always an intense time emotionally for me, much more so than Full Moon. I am extremely tired but enjoying stillness is almost impossible. Restlessness, that there is so much more that needs to be done has taken hold of me and still nothing moves forward. Procrastination has taken hold of me and to move forward it needs to be shaken off. Life is full of up and downs and we are consistently challenged to stay in our truth, to walk our talk and be true to ourselves. Sometimes the task seems sheer impossible, other days this task comes easy.

It is none of my business what others are thinking of me, of my business or about what I am doing. I am offering what feels right, what comes from the heart and services that are my truth. I am strong and this phase of tiredness will end soon and I will move forward steam ahead once again. But once again I am reminded that self care is important. You can only be of service if you service yourself. You can only love when you love yourself. And you can only be there for others if you can be there for yourself. So please take the time to rejuvenate and relax. It can be as little as 5 minutes just to yourself, listening within and honour your thoughts, emotions and vibrations. Trust and love yourself!

Blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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