Oh my….today is Wednesday and on Friday I am off for 5 days on the Gold Coast for training. Of course I want to excel in all I am doing therefore I want to have the 5 Day Healing Challenge starting next week on Wednesday fully organised. Content ready, posts ready and all video’s set and ready to go. But I also need to finish my newsletter, do the washing, give the house a clean, finish off with client treatments for this week and not to forget the Masterclass I am participating in that needs another whole lot of prep! And I am sure there are other items on my to do list that I haven’t mentioned yet!

So what have I been doing? Drinking a cuppa with a friend, getting distracted with where to start first and still not very much further than I have been last night….so what to do????

I will go and hang my washing on the line. I will do this barefoot, connecting to earth. I will turn my focus on my breathing as I continue the task of hanging the washing up and this will hopefully clear my mind. Self sabotage is an amazing mindset but once you are recognising it, it is so much easier to deal with it. All you need to do is to work around it and find a way to clear your head. Once your head has been cleared your heart and intuition can take control back and everything will run smoothly once again! So wish me luck in my attempt and next week I will tell you all about my experience during the workshop!

Blessings to all and I would love to see you all in the Free 5 Day Healing Challenge!