Did you notice changes within your friendships once you stepped on the path of spirituality? Have you moved away from some people and encountered new friendships? Or are you lucky enough that you and your closest friends following the path together, supporting each other and growing together?

I have this friend I know since Kindergarten so basically all my life. We have grown up together. We went to the same school for many years. We were thick as throughout our teenage years and even as we got older we moved slightly apart, we were still close enough to travel together around Australia for 9 months. Of course these days we live in different continents and I almost wrote on different planets as sometimes this is the way it feels.

Since being in Australia I have changed in many ways and of course I am now walking the path of the light. My friend on the other side has never been as much as in touch with anything alternative, holistic or spiritual, besides myself of course. When we do have the chance to chat she often asks me many questions about my work and what I am doing and often I am lost for words. To explain all of what I am doing in my mother tongue is difficult and often I cannot explain at all, what I am trying to say. Nevertheless I am very luck as she doesn’t judge at all what I am doing. So she doesn’t understand my work at all, she stands by my side as strong if not even stronger than 25 years ago. I feel blessed to be able to experience this depth of friendship for such a long period of time. Often I expect her to burst out laughing and calling me nuts and so she does laugh, she laughs with me rather than about me.

I hope for you that you have a friend like this that still walks with you no matter where in the world you are! A friend that supports you throughout all differences of life. A friend that accepts you exactly the way you are, no hiding or pretending needed. No mask to hide behind. A trust, love and respect that goes so deep that you feel never alone, no matter what.

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