One of the most challenging times when you live on the other side of the world of your family and childhood friends is Christmas Time, at least it is for me.

Christmas was always important to me. For me it represents a time to bring the family together. To share festive times with friends and family. Huddled together on the Christmas Market during rain or snow either way generally cold with a Glühwein in your hands.

Then it’s time to set up the Christmas Tree. The smell of the needle tree fills the flat and every evening the lights of the Christmas Tree gives it a special touch. As it is already dark by 5pm in Germany you get to enjoy the lights every evening before bedtime. Such a blessed time to acknowledge the blessings in your life.

By the time Christmas eve comes along you are well and truly emerged in the Christmas Spirit and ready for the arrival of the Christkindle. As we do celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the eve of the 24th in my family rather than Santa Claus coming through the chimney.

Now I live in Australia, celebrating Christmas often in 40 degrees, it’s just not the same. I try to make an effort for the kids and we are celebrating Christmas on the 24th as well as on the 25th. We are also lighting a candle on every Advent, starting today. But the meals had to be adjusted, there are no markets that prepare you for Christmas eve and it is definitely too hot to enjoy Glühwein.

I do love my life in Australia and wouldn’t change it for any money in the world. But at Christmas time I do miss my family and friends in Germany just that little bit more. Every now and then a tear is spilled thinking of them all, hoping that one day “beaming” will be possible!

So if you do see me around in the next few days and pick up on me being more emotional, do not be worried just understand that this time of the year my family and friends that do not live close are closer in my heart than usually.