Yesterday we attended a wedding. The day started off really stormy and we all feared the worst for the wedding as it was an outdoor wedding.

Luckily the weather cleared up and it has been holding off long enough for the ceremony to take place.

Of course I had to think back to my own weddings. Yes you have been reading correct, weddings. I had the luck to marry my gorgeous husband 3 times. Why three times you might wonder????

Well, we got married in Australia with a marriage celebrant as by that time I had made Australia my home. I had lived in Kununurra the last 4 years and we had many friends there. Paperwork wise it is much easier to get married in Australia and be recognised in Germany rather than the other way around. It was a very windy day and really rough to arrive in the ski boat. Nevertheless we had an amazing day with friends and family. We managed to fly my parents in for the wedding and two of my uncles followed suit. Pete’s parents, daughter and one sister attended as well. It was a great casual wedding, with lots of water skiing, swimming and dancing under the stars.

Now to wedding number two. I am catholic and I always knew that I wanted a catholic ceremony. Everything was organised for a German catholic wedding just a week later. Unfortunately we learned too late that we had to go through quiet a process before Peter was allowed to be married within the catholic church as he was previously married. This all meant that the paperwork side of things was simply not ready for the German wedding celebrations. Instead of cancelling the whole wedding, we still went a ahead with the ceremony without the catholic seal on it. It was a glorious day and all my German family and friends attended.

After two great weddings you’d think I just leave it at that. But I really wanted to seal my wedding within the catholic church. It seemed really important to me. Another year passed and eventually all paperwork was sorted. The next time we have been in Germany, about 18 months later, we had our third and final wedding. It was a small affair with only the closest friends and family. The same priest that has gone through the previous ceremony with us married us officially this time. He is an old friend of mine from my teenage years. It was lovely and it made my commitment to our marriage complete.

I love the fact that we got married three times as three is such a sacred number.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing this part of my life with you. Have a great day!