Have you ever been in a situation that took all your Mojo away all at once and nothing you did, no matter where you turned was a light? All was black and hopeless and seemed to run into empty corners? Did you feel like everything would have been pulled out from underneath you within seconds?

What did you do? Did you feel sorry for yourself? Did you call your mum or dad? Did you confided in friends? Did you just hope it will go away? No matter what you did but I do hope you did something to move forward!

I was in such a moment last week and for 2 days I did not know what to do, where to turn but one thing I knew – I could not deal with this by myself. I needed to talk about it even so I was horribly embarrassed to be in that sort of situation.

I confided in some of my closest friends that were near and could just give me a hug because more than talking I needed a hug by people not involved into the situation.

Once I started talking and telling it felt lighter and easier with every time. Every time I had somebody who cared listened to my story, no matter if advice was appropriate or not, I felt myself coming back to myself. And eventually I was able to face the situation and decided to fight it with all I had. Help came from most people I turned to and I am ever so grateful. There is still a long way to go but I know now that no matter how bad, there is no need to feel embarrassed and help is there. I do have friends and family standing by me and helping with all they can. Help can only be given if people know. So please if there is anything you ever need help with, my advice from my heart to yours, is to confide in somebody and allow help to be given. The world and life can be tough at times but there is no need to walk the challenges alone. Let life throw rocks at you, stand tall and climb over them. It will make you stronger and there is something to be learned from all the experiences! I learned to trust!

Healing from within comes in all forms and sizes. You never know what needs to be healed going all the way back. Often people keep it all to themselves, Depression and Anxiety are just some of the results. Luckily I am intuitive enough to listen to my inner voice. It’s not an easy path but so worthwhile.

Blessings to all you beautiful souls out there and thank you for reading.

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