Why a subscription page?!

Since I started providing healings as part of my services I felt the limitation it gave me to work with just one person at the time. The healings itself are great and they can be life changing for the client. But have I not been given this amazing gift to help lots of people? We are awakening, our conscious is shifting and we need help to work through all the layers of our amazing being to follow this shift. My gift helps you to shed these layers and move forward. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day and therefore my time is limited on how many healings a day I can provide.

With this in mind I asked for guidance. How can I reach a larger group of people that seeks help? How can I provide the healing gift to many? Being more comfortable with social networking mid of last year my answers were given! Service to many can be provided through group healings, accessible and affordable for all participating on the social network.

With the answer came so many more questions. Would it have the same effect for the participants? Would it be as life changing for the individual working in a group as it is during 1:1 sessions?

I am lucky enough to be part of an amazing paranormal group and in this group I tried my ideas of live group healings. I was amazed by the results and effects the group healings had on participating members. The recordings are holding the energy and no matter how often you listen to it afterwards, the energy is there for you to work through your layers.

So where is the difference? When I work 1:1 the healing is focused on just you and your personal issues. Working through these layers one on one, you can work through your layers maybe slightly faster and with more awareness. Of course these 1:1 sessions have their price and not everybody can afford this, especially not on a regular basis.

Group sessions tailor for the group energy, which means your issues are being worked on and sometimes other issues can be brought up that have been hidden deep down. But the focus of course is not tailored on the individual therefore the awareness of the individual’s complex situations is not being taken in consideration. Nevertheless the group healings will help you to work through your own layers bit by bit. Offering group healings on a weekly basis and to an affordable price provides a service that can help many that otherwise would miss out.

So I am very excited to open the doors to my new subscription Facebook page “Healing from within” on the 1. March 2018. For only $22 per months you will receive access to this amazing group. I will be live once a week for a group healing session and will be offering regular Q&A Sessions.

I can’t wait and hope to meet new and old faces within the group! I would love to say “Click on here to sign up now”….unfortunately my website is still under construction and needs a bit more time so please get in touch with if you want to join me on an adventure of healing!