What do you see when you look within? Or when you look at others? Do you see with your eyes or see with your heart?
When I enter a healing session I look within. I see energy body’s, I see darkness. I see the light and the shadows of all that you are throughout all your body’s, through time and space, dimensions and reality’s. I see what can be moved on, what does not serve you any longer and what you are willing to let go off at that moment in time. I am with you at all times as you surrender and release. I watch over you and put protection around you. I create a safe space for your healing to take place. I am a tool that channels what you need, a channel that sees what needs to come into your awareness and I hear what you need to hear. My heart space is wide open as you deserve only the best. The best comes from the highest good at all times and within the highest frequency that is love. You deserve just the best. You are a beautiful soul that deserves to be nurtured, supported and empowered on your way to Inner healing. With every Healing layers show up that can be released and healed. You become more YOU. The love that surrounds you flows into your heart space so your trust and faith can continue to grow.
So what do you notice after a Healing Session with me? You feel very relaxed on a deep level. You feel somewhat lighter within yourself. You may have a really great night sleep. Pain you suffering may be easing off slightly and you sense that somehow something has changed within you. Every Healing Session is different as we are all different. We are on different stages in our life, we have experienced different traumas to others and the combination of our past is shaping our core.
Do I truly believe that Energy Healings can make a difference to people’s life? Yes, I do. How exactly will it affect you? There is only one way to find out….
So how can this work if you are not where I am? It’s easy, really. We are all energy. Did you ever thought of somebody and next thing that person crosses your path or calls in or sends you a text? It’s exactly like that. In that moment of thought your energy is reaching out to the other person. If the other person’s energy is ready to receive they notice it and will act upon this sense of needing to get in touch with you. Healing Sessions work very similar. We are all energy; I work with your energy bodies. Time and distance don’t matter within the energy field. It sounds much more complex than what it truly is. Your intentions shape your every moment of life. My intentions of clearing, cleansing, channelling healing shapes your energy body’s wherever you are ready for it. I never force what is not wanted by you. You need to be ready for what I can offer. Once you are, miracles are happening.
Why writing all of this about healings? My need to communicate, to explain and my wish to be understand is overpowering at this moment of time. So much is misunderstood. Many like me are being called a “nutcase”. Many of us walk their path alone. I am fortunate. I know many that I can share knowledge and experience with. Many beautiful souls that have extraordinary gifts that are yet to be understood by others and respected.
So how do you know if you find the right person to work with? You will feel it. If you are considering a Healing Session, you will feel drawn to the person that can serve you best at that moment of time.

Blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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