Phoenix Tribe

Do you struggle sleeping? Are you stressed and find it hard to find the space to relax? Is your life style busy and packed with duties for family and your own needs put on the backburner? 

Have you realized there is more out there but you do not know where to start or who to talk to?

Whichever question you ticked with yes, I may be able to help you in my monthly Healing Program. Join the Phoenix Tribe on Facebook and become part of a spirit minded group.

Let me guide, coach and mentor you on your spiritual path. I will nurture, support and empower you week after week as you embark on a new journey; a journey within to re-connect you to your inner voice, your ancient wisdom and your true self.

The sessions are very powerful and the space created is safe and filled with healing energy.

So what you will get:

  • weekly learning subjects to grow your spiritual knowledge
  • weekly Q&A Sessions for you to ask any questions that have come up for you
  • be empowered and shed layer by layer during the weekly group healing sessions
  • Ongoing support as I am only a message away

“Breaking Through”

Ready to transform your life?

Are you ready to put yourself first? Are you sick of feeling lost and too tired to even get up in the mornings? Do you feel something stops you from moving forward and nothing you have tried so far is working? Are you ready to commit to change? 

If you are ready to commit to yourself, I will be ready to commit to mentor, coach and guide you on your journey. I will hold space for your journey, I will nurture you and I will have your back. I walk by your side as you reconnect, discover and remove your traumas and grow to the person you are meant to be.

From the moment we are born into this world we experience trauma. Imagine being carried within a warm body that provides us with all that we need and then being pushed out into a world with light and coldness as a greeting and now being alone among many staring at us, touching us and rushing around! Birth is traumatic that’s for sure, but many of us do not remember because the mind has a way of forgetting the physical pain when we are young.

Yet as we grow and begin to learn how to function independently and with a consciousness that is stored, we are bombarded with new experiences and though most of us have normal childhoods where the worse they experience is normal childhood bumps and bruises to our bodies and emotions. Yet there is a large percentage of us males and females alike that are victimised in childhood and then later in life. It matters not if it’s emotional, physical, or sexually we are left damaged and many of us do not stop the pattern even as adults.

Conducting a Medical Intuitive Healing Session, whether in person or long distance, involves the same process of connecting to your energy field. Everything is vibration and has an energy signature. Connecting to this signature I can help you with assistance of your guides to find the cause of origin of any issues within your energy field – be it physical illness, emotional issues or spirit attachment of any form.

Together we will clear and work through what is presented. Deep soul healings, trauma release and working through blocks are just some of the amazing transformations, that you will experience on this journey. 

Every session will be different and will deliver what is needed most!

Sessions will be delivered in person, via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Call.

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Today with Martina I received my first medical intuitive appointment I felt safe and relaxed.

I could instantly feel a healing energy and connection. We addressed an issue that I thought went back 20 years but it was actually 39 years ago. This area already feels lighter and can’t wait to see if anything changes over the next couple of days. Martina scanned other areas that were related and gave great feedback, some tips moving forward and a body scan drawing of the appointment.

I highly recommend booking in if you want to heal areas of concern this has opened my eyes to different healing methods.

– Joanne