I am sure everybody knows this home coming feeling after being away for a few days or weeks. I am generally not getting this feeling very strongly.

I always enjoyed time away from home to meet other people and places and just for a change.

Last weekend we have been away on a family wedding. It was lovely to see everybody and to catch up. But somehow I just couldn’t relax into it. I never got into that nice relaxed place where I could just enjoy everybody around me. All seemed frantic and hectic also it wasn’t. As we still scheduled around the kids routine we had quality time with the kids and time to meet friends and family. But somehow something just seemed to be amiss for me this weekend.

Maybe it is life in general just right now. The end of the year is almost there and it seems to rush towards an end. There are so many things to organise for our family Christmas lunch. Then my parents will soon be here, the Evening with the Angels is not far off and of course we still have all the usual stuff still happening like doctor appointments, swim lessons, music time, etc.

Well whatever it is, we got home yesterday and I am happy to be home. For once I am not sad of the end of a short trip. I am at home….