Since a couple of days my inside seems to live through a full grown hurricane.

I feel this immense unconditional love for family, friends, my life, this planet and all living beings. At the same time I feel betrayed as if people talking behind my back and doubt everything that has grown over the last 3 years. I am paranoid about friendships and fear to loose it all.

Faith and trust are the big messages I receive and I feel surrounded by love. Grounding exercises, meditations and prayers are my consistent company at the moment.

Being part of LUXOR Light is a big responsibility and I know I do belong here. Therefore I am working hard on keeping negative emotions and thoughts away and release them as soon as they are entering my mind. I do not want anybody else to suffer due to my inner turmoil.

Is this another challenge? A test of faith? I do not know. What I do know is as soon as I enter into a healing with somebody else I leave all of this outside of the treatment room. All doubts are gone, faith is fully restored and the energy flows strong. If I can do this for other people, why can’t I do this for myself? Why can’t I just focus on beauty and trust 100% that all is as it is supposed to be?
Disappointments and painful experiences of the past hunting me all over again.

I will win this battle with mind and I will surrender to the love and abundance supplied by god! I won’t give in and see “ghosts” at every corner. I am stronger than this and my mind will have to surrender for the greater good. I am here to channel healing and I will walk the path I am supposed to walk….all the way!

Love and blessings Xxx