Good morning world and hello to another busy day!

After I reached exhaustion point last night I have taken steps to ensure I give my body, mind and soul the rest it needs today to fully recharge.

Instead of stressing about getting ready to open the Open Clinic this morning, I just started doing tasks and ended up with a clean treatment room and being fully organised with 2 kids ready to rock at 7.45am.  And surprisingly all without stress.  I open up and gave a few Bowen Treatments till just after 9am, organised the kids smoko and had a cup of coffee.

I managed to resist the temptation to catch up with friends on the beach and have instead decided to have some me time. My daughter went to sleep for her morning nap, my son is allowed to watch a movie and I had half an hour to meditate outside under a glorious blue sky. I choose a Violet Flame Cleansing Meditation from Christina’s LUXOR Light Meditation Program.

How I needed that. To unwind and relax for half an hour just by myself soaking up some sun and pure energy to rejuvenate, realign and balance.  I feel so much better now.

Today I will make the effort of doing one thing at the time, reprioritise business stuff and enjoy  the day. My body, mind and soul need to recover for a few days before it is steam ahead again next week.