Do you feel joy when you working? Do you feel joy in all you do? Can you change your perspective around to see the joy even in the dark? Can you be joyful about unplanned changes?

A few weeks ago I was flat out busy with work and kids. There was no balance just business. All that got done only got done because it had to be done. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my family and my work. I actually really love my life. But at that point I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to enjoy myself. I had achieved what I wanted, 10 hand on clients, the subscription group grew steadily and my branding moved forward. This was obviously to much for me to handle so I manipulated myself, feeling stressed and unfocused. All of a sudden things changed. Work got quiet in many areas and so at first I enjoyed a bit of quiet time, I also felt unsettled in many ways. Then I started to wonder what is going on. Did I do something wrong? Does the weather keep people away? Is my online visibility not there?

Then a few days ago I got send a book which I started reading 2 days ago and then the light bulb went….I forgot the joy it brings me to watch my kids, the joy I feel when I offer my services and the transformation that occurs in Body, Mind and Soul of my clients. I did it all, as it was part of my schedule, but the joy had left me. And why would the universe support me if I don’t experience joy in doing so. Something had to change and this change has to be within me once again.

Now I am working consistently on my awareness and catching myself much too often “just” doing things almost as if I am on auto pilot. My awareness and focus needs some major work done and it has started. Joy is so important. If you feel the joy all your actions give you, you can act with love. If you act from love you are acting from the highest frequency. And this is exactly where I want to work from.

As you can see, I, as an Intuitive Healer, have still lots to learn. There are a lot of shadow areas within oneself but once brought to light you have the power to change them from within. Once you bring them to the light they are not shadows anymore, just different point of views that may need to be adjusted to serve your current truth. As a light worker, I can see the shadows of others but sometimes it is hard to see my own!

Blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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