Life surprises me almost daily. There I was thinking, that everything starts to go the right direction. That I can at last start building up my business and then life throws you rocks in your path.

So it happens that hubby had to go away for a week. I organised kids in day care for 2 days as I was planning to finish my case study’s to become a Qualified LUXOR Light Practitioner. I also booked clients in for Bowen Treatments and I had a couple of Specialist appointments that had been long overdue. And what happens… little girl gets sick! Instead of doing the appointments in peace and quiet and finish off some Christmas shopping, there I was juggling appointments around with a 15 month old on my side and get her to see the doc as well. No Christmas shopping, no healing sessions to finish my case study’s off and no clients for Bowen Treatments either.

I was quiet upset about all of this last night and pretty frustrated this morning. Until I re-read my own blog from last night. There and then I decided I have to change my attitude! Instead of worrying about what I missed out on I will focus on the positives. I get a day to spend some quality time with my daughter. I will try to get to the beach (if the weather clears up) and take our dog for a long overdue walk. And I get to do some paperwork during my daughters rest time. Who knows….I might get even the chance to meditate. And of course I have the chance to finish my second blog for the 30 day challenge nice and early in the day with a fresh clear mind!

Life is not that bad after all!

Something to make you smile: