Have you ever had the feeling the days are going passed and you have hardly time to breath?

That is my life at the moment. So much to organise to get the business set up properly, then the kids, work, house hold, trying to fit meditations and exercise in (neither has happend)  and then of course some quality time with my little family. It seems to be going crazy at the moment. I feel tired and exhausted. And the list of things to do seems endless.

So tonight I have decided to write this tiny little blog and then leave work be work. It will have to get done another day. In just a minute I will sit down with a glass of Weissweinschorle (White Wine and Soda water) and a book to read, hopefully next to hubby, on the couch for another hour or so and then off to bed!

I hope life will slow down rather sooner than later and will give me the chance to breath again. So long, have a great night!