Have you ever been down to the beach a few days in a row and were surprised how much it has changed? Or watched the waves changing the surface every time they rolled over it?

Isn’t that just like life? Every situation, every comment, every impression changes us, sometimes only in small hardly to notice ways but sometimes it comes with a big BANG and everything seems to turn up side down.

Life changes every breathing moment! Isn’t that a great reason to stay in the NOW? You can’t change the past so why go over and over situations again in your mind? Who knows what’s around the corner so why waste energy to live in the future. You can plan ahead but often best laid out plans change in last minute. And isn’t that the beauty about life? Ever changing, ever challenging and full of surprises.

I had the best morning at the beach with my little family today and realised again how lucky I am to live where I live, to have the family I have and to live the life I live.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!