I had a really strange week since the first newsletter went out. Lots of surprise cancelations for my hands on modalities allowed me time to start on other projects that I kept procrastinating. Two videos later and now stuck with technically I should be feeling excited to have come so far instead of mellowing over my lack of technical knowledge.

A big realisation that my big vision picture has massively changed in the last 6 month has forced me to look deeper into where I am stuck and what’s missing. Funny enough Facebook has made me cross path with an intuitive Graphic Designer. So I barely can effort it, I know this relationship is essential She has agreed to redesigning my Logo, which will hopefully bring it in alignment with my business vision.

I have also launched the Healing group “Healing from Within”, which was a great success. The first Group Healing Session was fantastic and so far I have only received positive feedback.

With all these achievements this week in business I should be happy and dancing around. Unfortunately the opposite is the case. I am feeling quite flat, exhausted and de-motivated. Really easy I basically forgot over all the work and family life to look after myself and to take daily time outs for myself.

I have started a DNA Activation workshop and had so far no chance to listen to the first part but once I have finished this and get the kids ready for bed, this is what I will be doing tonight…… Me time. I deserve it! I need it! And I truly want it!

Remember to look after yourself at all times, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day. Your body, mind and soul will be grateful and you will feel so much better in yourself!

Just a bit of thought for the week to come! Blessings to all!

Please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it. New followers on either business pages Martina Manners and Violet Flame Wellness are always welcome and of course I would love to have you on board in the Healing Group for April 2018.