Lately I have found myself questioning knowledge I have acquired over the last few years. Whenever this happens I feel very confused and my self confidence in my skills, gifts and knowledge hits rock bottom. At some stage I start searching for answers and ask more questions. Once I am at a point that I am living in the question, new information is being provided in the form of articles, open discussions with friends and sometimes strangers and other amazing ways. I then realise that I have to let go of old first before the new can come in. I have to keep asking questions instead of being content with answers as only then can I, my knowledge and my gifts grow.

How come that I have to go through this rhythm over and over again? How come I am content with knowledge for some time. Is this human nature? Is it laziness? Or is it only happen to a point where I perfection what has resulted from new knowledge? Am I content until I am ready for more? Am I limiting myself in resting within a comfort zone? There are so many more questions and so much more I want to know, so much more I still do not know and understand.

Life is a consistent challenge. Sometimes life seems to stand still only to just then speed up to a phenomenal speed where it is hard to keep breathing and to stay focus. Patience is not one of my strengths but one of my life lessons. Whenever life speeds up and I seem to run out of hours, air and energy is when I love my life the most. Life has to stop for us to catch a breath and to be able to move on. Old has to be shed and new allowed in. Nevertheless in these in between stages you can feel lost and so do I from time to time. Focus on what’s important. Ask yourself questions in regards to your wants and needs. What direction will you be taking? Are you still happy with how your life is going? Do you know where you are heading? Help yourself to move forward again and take the time to be in the still lace that can provide you with guidance. Not answers, as answers limit your growth, but guidance to show you if you are on the right track.

So am I lost or recharging? I suppose a bit of both and once again I have to work on my life lesson of patience! I am also excited to see what is to come and what surprises 2018 will bring. Join me on a life full of adventure and be empowered to be the person you truly want to be!

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