I have to admit. I do struggle with the Australian way of celebrating Christmas. Santa that comes down the chimney and flying reindeers.

As I am catholic I have grown up celebrating Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ and on Christmas Eve, the Christkindle comes.

Having to deal with Santa really gives me trouble. We do celebrate both days in my family as I want the Children to know both. Being exposed to Santa at day care and everywhere else, I can hardly try to ignore that part of Christmas. But for me Christmas is a celebration of love and get togethers. Surrounding yourself with family and friends and appreciate all you have. Give the unconditional love that Jesus has given as he walked the earth. For me that is what religion is about. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Mohammed, Buddha, etc as long as you spread the love and live your day to day life giving love. Experiencing love is so important and sets us up with strong foundations early on.

There are so many people in this world that are missing out o this pure unconditional love that a child is supposed to receive from their parents. Maybe we all can remember that Christmas is about Love and new beginnings. And may we all have a blessed Christmas.