The quick answer is no! So what then does a Medical Intuitive do, you may wonder?

Well I do the same things I have done in my Intuitive Sessions. I start with checking your Aura/Etheric field, see where there are leaks and imbalances, check your Chakra’s and general energy flow! And then starts the process that differs…..I go within…I scan all your body parts inside and outside for anything pops up… discolouration’s, size, etc. I may be shown struggles breathing or heart issues. Often I receive information’s in many ways, I feel certain body symptoms or smells and tastes or a word pops in my mind. Sometimes I just have a knowing of what is going on. In this way I move through the whole body continuously telling the client what I perceive. I then leave it up to the client if there is a specific area he/she would like me to work on or if I go by what seems to be most dominantly popping up.

Then the healing process begins in cooperation with our specialist guides for healing. So depending on the issue we may have to go back in time or release cords or remove negativity….. There are so many variables how a healing could go or be performed that it is just impossible to say what will happen.

One thing is for sure. After your session you will feel empowered, you will be more in tune with your own physical sensations and a part of you will be healed on all levels.

I love holding space for such powerful sessions and I am nothing but amazed by the results. The sacred space created is filled with love, guidance and healing. There is so much support available and it certainly opened my eyes to my own lack of questioning things. I was there with the Intuitive Healing Sessions but it just never crossed my mind to look deeper or to ask the right questions or to ask for more guidance, to command guidance. With me increasing my conscious awareness my family also benefits and my children, especially my son asks very interesting questions since I started to work as a Medical Intuitive.

This is certainly a modality that can bring so many changes on so many levels of your life. Confronting and uplifting….empowering and nurturing….growth and healing ….all at the same time. How exciting is this for all of us…..Call it Body Whisperer, Medical Intuitive, whichever name you give it….we describe what we see and together with the client and the guides healing is brought forward!

We are no Doctors and diagnosing is not part of a Medical Intuitive Session but support and healing is! And isn’t that a big part of our Soul’s journey?!

Blessings to you!

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