Once again in my life I am tested to show patience. As you may already know patience, especially with myself is not necessarily my strongest side. If I learn things I need to learn it now, if I do things I have to do not now and straight away a 100%. There is no such thing as easing into things.

So I thought once back from my workshop I will be easing myself gently into Medical Intuitive Sessions,  running a view free 15 min sessions and then 3 x full sessions……but as it happened I have had such a great response that I had straight away bookings. Which is amazing and I loved every single session so far. Now my control freak kicks in of course and I want to have every session perfect and to high standard. I like to give the client something with the healing session, besides the massive healing of course. But as it is so different to my past delivered Intuitive Healing Session it proves to be fairly difficult. And as a high achiever this does not sit well with me…… A friend said just breath and it will all flow nicely and of course it does during the session.

You would think by now I would have learned not to be too hard on myself, let the universe do it’s magic and just trust that all is as supposed to be……. Hm…..Suppose patience is still not my very strong side!

Why do I share this? People see me and think my life is awesome, which it is most of the time, and that I have no issues. But trust me, there are plenty of issues and lots are self made! No matter how far along in your journey you are, there is always more to learn, more to discover and more to trust. Life is a journey and all of your experiences are part of it. Challenges do not get easier but attitudes can change. Positive attitudes can turn a lot of things around in a surprising manner and really, who knows what will be next?

Blessings to you Xxx