Patience is not one of my strong sides.

If things need to be done, they need to be done straight away. If I do want something, I do want it now.

My kids certainly testing my patience daily. So many more things are more important than getting dressed, brushing teeth or taking time to eat. I used to take 5 min to get ready to go out. An hour is now the least!

But how could you be upset with them if they are giving you the biggest smile and just want to have a another play or cuddle with you? How could you rush them if they just want to be kids?

I resorted to a different plan now. I am even more organised than before. I get the food and everything else ready and then I organise the kids with plenty of time to get ready. And voila’ these days I am almost on time again (back to my good old German ways- rather 5 min early than 5 mins late!) and all without stress for the kids. Ok, of course we have the odd days where everything goes wrong and we are running late but in general we are pretty good these days.

To expand my spiritual ability also tests my patience to the max. I am learning things in baby steps and sometimes it feels as I am going two steps back instead of forward. But over and over I am being told that all is as it is supposed to be and that everything will fall in place at the right time. And it has started to look that way. This past year I was all over the place trying to get my business going, learning various modalities to enrich the clients experience. And finally it comes together. But of course I would have liked that to happen already last year. In all honesty, I would have had no chance to get there last year as my little girl needed all my attention.

See what I am trying to get at? You learn patience all the time as a lot of life is waiting. Waiting for a parcel, waiting for Mister Right, waiting till the kettle boils, waiting for this and waiting for that! A lot of life you are waiting. Sometimes you have to step in and actually do things as just waiting won’t get you there.

One of my personal lessons in life is certainly to practise patience!  What is yours?

Love and blessings!