Let me guide, coach and mentor you on your spiritual path. I will nurture, support and empower you week after week as you embark on a new journey; a journey within to re-connect you to your inner voice, your ancient wisdom and your true self. I will be by your side as you take step by step on your journey within and I will be always available for a personal chat.

All this for an amazing AU$44 per month!

Week after week I am offering new subjects to grow your spiritual knowledge. Subjects that will be covered are chakra’s, to Aura’s, energy, how to use a pendulum and many more.

Every week I am available for a Q&A Session, which you can attend live or you can ask your questions before or after in the thread. I am open to all questions and I will share all my knowledge with you.

And to give you the ultimate healing growth and boost I am online once a week for a Group Healing Session. Here we will be working through your layers, help you to discover your true self and let go of old within a safe space.

As an Intuitive Healer -with the background of a qualified Bowen Therapist- it is my honour and privilege to guide you through weekly transformations at your own pace.  A journey that will make you feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, leaving the old behind to make room for new in a very gentle and save manner!

The weekly Healing Space created for the Group Healing Sessions includes all participants of the Healing Group no matter if you can watch the live or just the recording or don’t get around watching it at all. The sessions are very powerful and the space created is save and filled with healing energy.

So what you will get:  

weekly learning subjects to grow your spiritual knowledge

weekly Q&A Sessions for you to ask any questions that have come up for you

 be empowered and shed layer by layer during the weekly group healing sessions

Ongoing support as I am only a message away

Access to anything else I am offering for free as time goes by

I have offered hands on and distance healing sessions successfully for many years and now I am ready to bring you the ultimate Healing Boost combined with Spiritual learning!

Clients, that are participating at the weekly Group Healing Sessions have reported amazing changes such as improved sleep and chronic pain issues, mood improvements and a positive outlook as well as an increase in self-love and self worth.

With this of course comes:

  • an improved quality of life
  • positive attitude
  • challenges are easier to overcome
  • a general improvement of your overall health and wellness
  • and in some cases improved relationships
  • and all in all a happier, healthier you!

So if that sounds right for you join me now for the low fee of AU$44 per month.

This is amazing value for the price!

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