Do you ever felt like all is going really great, everything falls into place and all of a sudden, to-do-lists getting bigger and bigger, you seem to be running in circles and nothing seems to get done? Nevertheless you keep pushing on and move through on item on your to=do list after the other until, all of a sudden, your legs are shaking and your whole body just seems exhausted? You know it can’t be because for once you have actually taken care of yourself and made sure you gave yourself the appropriate self care. You took your time outs and reflected and allowed some you time.
So where is this coming from? And what are you going to do about it? Give in and rest? Push through and keep going, risking that it really knocks you over?
So where is this coming from? I truly believe that it is coming from our EGO bringing in unconscious fear; Fear of being successful, fear of achieving your goals. A fear of you might not going to be good enough to pull this off. So what if you ask yourself these questions:
– What does happen if I am being successful?
– What is going to happens once I am achieving my goals?
– What if it does not turn out as I thought and I may fail?
If you are looking at your answers and be really honest with yourself, does there need to be fear? If not, we may just can re-focus, take a deep breath and let it go!
And what are you going to do about it? Well you can give in, rest and hope it will get better but most likely your fear will increase as now you have to catch up on work as well as doing what you normally do. Pushing through as hard as you can, will really exhaust you, so really this is not the ideal solution either. So what I will be doing is taking the time to reflect, listen within and really notice where this is coming from. Is it fear, is it physical, is it other emotional issues? You need to be honest and if it is physical you need to listen. Once clarified, I will respond accordingly plus giving myself a couple of early nights. Sleep helps us to rejuvenate and is such an essential part of our physical body.
Whatever the answer is for you, you need to give yourself the respect to listen and follow your own guidance, your intuition. You know yourself and your body best. If you struggle to find the answer, confide in a friend or find help otherwise. This is serious and all too often we are not listening in. We’re fighting on. Fights turn into struggles. Struggles turn into serious illnesses. And really who are we helping if we can’t help ourselves?
Don’t let your EGO rule you. Observe yourself, listen within and be the best you can!
Love and blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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