There is so much out there I don’t understand and don’t know yet.

Do you sometimes get this overwhelming feeling of knowing nothing? Starting to doubt yourself and your abilities? Having this little doubt that it is just all an overflow of fantasy?

I had a session once where I connected with Archangel Raphael. Basically I got told that my head is too busy to listen and that I am a hard one to get through as I always manage to doubt myself. One step forward an two steps backwards.

One day the meditations going really well and I connect to my higher self easily. The next moment I doubt that it is all happening and not just occurring within my head as I always had a huge imagination.

Same with my healings. I feel the energy and I can see that the client is too. The client is telling me afterwards what a great experience it was and still I am doubting my abilities.

This experiences I am going through and this life I am having now is so Alien to how I am grown up and what I used to know. My world or rather my perspective about the world has changed so much. To my family and friends in Germany I must seem a complete stranger. I love what I am doing and where I am heading with. I think this is my path to follow but sometimes I really do wonder how much of it is true and how much of it is living a dream. Is it all real or am I really good in making things up, lying to myself……

It is interesting when these doubts coming through. Generally when I am really tired or feel a bit lost. If I have nothing else to do but think about my life. As soon as I am busy or doing my work, all doubts are gone and I am 100% sure what I am doing, seeing and hearing is spot on. The world is a funny place or maybe it’s me.

Every morning I am pulling a Tarot Card for myself for daily guidance. This is todays card from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine:

11 Strentgth – Archangel Ariel

“You have great strength and compassion! The kindness and understanding that you give to others are a blessed gift. However, it is equally important to show gentleness toward yourself. You may see aspects within you that cause you worry or impatience. But every person is a child of God. It is by balancing all aspects of yourself with love and mercy that you learn to exhibit those same qualities to people around you.  You are far stronger than you may believe. The situation you find yourself in requires a very soft and sensitive approach. Archangel Ariel can help you stay strong in the face of any challenge.