Being a Bowen Therapist and provide LUXOR Light Healing and the AromaTouch Technique works into my passion of helping people. All these modalities work on Body, Mind & Soul and should attract a broad group of people. If everybody would come and receive treatments we could be the healthiest town on earth!

But this doesn’t spread the message about the healing abilities of the mind and the body. I want to shout it of the roof tops, I want everybody and I do mean everybody, to know what amazing things their body and mind can do.

Imagine how much healthier our society would be if everybody had the mind set of being healthy and leads a healthy life style accordingly. What an amazing thought!

I would love to be one amongst many, that shares these thoughts on public meetings. I would love to talk about the effect of distance healings, too. Do you know that a Distance Bowen/Healing is as effective as a hands on healing?! It is all about energy and energy transfer. Every thought creates energy. Every mind set works on your body’s energy.

We do live in an amazing world and there is still so much we do not know.

Maybe one day I will be a public speaker and my opinion will be heard around the globe! Who knows. For now I have to be happy with spreading the knowledge through this blog!

Happy Monday!